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Let me personally welcome you to the ministry of SBM Worldwide! Please know we are here to minister to you, pray with you, and help you in any way we can. Be assured that there is hope and life in Jesus Christ and that, with God, ALL things are truly possible! To contact SBM now, click on the “Contact SBM” link above. Again, we are here for you — Lord bless you! In Christ, Stephen Bennett, Executive Director &Founder, SBM Worldwide, Inc.



"The most powerful tract ever
produced on the issue of
~ The late Dr. D. James Kennedy

Share the tract that is changing people's hearts and lives — for eternity — with more than half a million tracts already distributed worldwide! To read the tract in its entirety (.pdf), click on the tract above or click here. To order the tract in various quantities to share wherever you are worldwide, click here. Share the truth in love about one of the most controversial issues today and help reach millions of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

CLICK HERE to hear a sample of all the songs on "Let Me Show You Jesus" - an entire original CD of Christian music written & recorded by Stephen Bennett

Enjoy Stephen Bennett’s three music CDs, all available for immediate download.  Please click the link below to visit SBM's Online Ministry Bookstore & Resource Center now for these and other items.

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  • Homosexuality and The Bible - by Gerald Wright
    Product ID: 00000034

    “HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE BIBLE” is a comprehensive Bible Handbook about homosexual behavior which consists of a powerful Bible-affirming Introduction, an exhaustive Scriptural Section, a contemporary Topical Section and an ex ... More »

    Price: $25.00 USD

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  • $50 Gift to SBM - Receive a FREE SBM Frosted Votive & Candle
    Product ID: 00000015

    For your gift of $50 to the ongoing evangelistic and educative work of SBM in reaching the homosexual for Jesus Christ, SBM would like to send you - as our thanks - a beautiful, custom made frosted votive and Yankee Candle. ... More »

    Price: $50.00 USD

  • 2016 End-of-Year Gift + FREE Christmas in New England CD by Stephen Bennett (Download)
    Product ID: 00000048

    Thank you for your generous End-of-Year Gift to the ongoing, evangelistic and educational work of SBM Worldwide! For your gracious gift of $50 or more, we would like to give you a FREE immediate download of Stephen Bennett's ... More »

    Price: $50.00 USD

  • 2016 End-of-Year Gift to SBM Worldwide
    Product ID: 00000047

    Thank you so much for your generous 2016 End-of-Year gift to the ongoing evangelistic and educational work of SBM Worldwide! Your gift is greatly needed and deeply appreciated at this time, and will help continue the work of ... More »

  •  Annual Membership to SBM
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    Thank you for choosing to become a SBM Annual Member! For your annual gift of $25, you are showing that you stand in prayer and in support of one of the most important ministries of our day. Your annual support helps the mini ... More »

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  •  D-002 Become a Monthly Support Partner of SBM
    Product ID: 00000019

    The absolute BEST way that you can support the ministry of SBM and allow us to continue reaching the homosexual for Christ is to become a SBM Monthly Support Partner. Your monthly gift would greatly help SBM in the ministry t ... More »

    Price: $5.00 USD

  • Lifetime Member of SBM Worldwide
    Product ID: 00000049

    SBM Worldwide is no doubt here for "such a time as this." Very few ministries or organizations are in existence today, clearly proclaiming the TRUTH about homosexuality, and offering help, hope, and support for thos ... More »

    Price: $10000.00 USD

  • Your 2016 End of Year Gift to SBM + FREE CD Download: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day!
    Product ID: 00000025


    Price: $50.00 USD

  •  Your Donation To (TPG)
    Product ID: 00000050

    Help us keep The Parents Group (TPG) available! (TPG) is a FREE, donation-supported community designed especially for parents, spouses, family members, and friends who have a loved one caught up in homo ... More »

  •  Your Donation/Gift to SBM
    Product ID: 00000003

    Thank you so much for choosing to make a generous, one-time gift to the ongoing, evangelistic and educational work of SBM Worldwide! SBM relies solely on the prayers and financial gifts from ministry partners like you to cont ... More »

  • A Heart for the Homosexual (Stephen Bennett)
    Product ID: 00000042

    (#AC-001-ID) A moving message of compassion and exhortation to Christians and the Church to love and effectively reach the homosexual for Jesus Christ. Based on 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. A live message preached by Stephen Bennett ... More »

    Price: $12.50 USD

  • A Worthy Creation - The Testimony of Former Lesbian Christine Sneeringer
    Product ID: 00000008

    Listen to the powerful testimony of Christine Sneeringer, a former lesbian woman who was transformed by Jesus Christ. Christine grew up in a home with a father who was addicted to pornography, and verbally and physically abus ... More »

    Price: $12.50 USD

  • CD-001 I Believe In Miracles by Stephen Bennett
    Product ID: 00000004

    Stephen Bennett's first music CD was released in September of 2000 and has been distributed worldwide. The Lord has truly annointed this CD - it began playing nationally on Christian radio in only 2 days after its release. Fe ... More »

    Price: $15.00 USD

  • CD-002 Christmas in New England
    Product ID: 00000029

    Stephen Bennett's 2nd music CD, filled with holiday classics and new, original songs written by Stephen! Over an hour's worth of beautiful music featuring the songs: O Little Town of Bethlehem -- The First Noel/Thank You F ... More »

    Price: $15.00 USD

  • CD-003 Let Me Show You Jesus by Stephen Bennett
    Product ID: 00000021

    Stephen Bennett's third music CD, featuring 11 original songs written and recorded by Stephen. The entire CD shares his journey "coming out" of homosexuality, and into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Over ... More »

    Price: $15.00 USD

  • CD-005 - This Pair of Hands - Catherine Ives Fehr
    Product ID: 00000013

    At 80 years young, Catherine Ives Fehr recorded her very first music CD - ALL INSTRUMENTAL - featuring Kate on the piano, backed by full orchestra. Guaranteed to be one of the most BEAUTIFUL instrumental CDs you have EVER HEA ... More »

    Price: $15.00 USD

  • College Age & "Gay" - the Testimonies of Lori & Darren
    Product ID: 00000010

    Your child/young adult is away from home for the first time, living on campus at college. You are all adjusting to this new life and little by little, you begin to suspect something is not right. Your child sounds different w ... More »

    Price: $12.50 USD

  • Elementary 101: The "Gay" Agenda & America's Public Schools
    Product ID: 00000023

    (Item# AC-014-ID) Homosexual activists are using America's public schools to take control of your children's minds and garner support for their "cause." Some "gay" activists have said, "Homophobia ca ... More »

    Price: $12.50 USD

  • God's Amazing Grace - The Testimony of Stephen Bennett
    Product ID: 00000040

    (#AC-007-ID) Produced by American Family Radio. This AFR special has been broadcast worldwide and has reached millions of people with a true story of hope, love and complete change through Jesus Christ. Features both Stephen ... More »

    Price: $15.00 USD

  • Homosexuality - An Expository Study of Romans, Chapter One
    Product ID: 00000033

    With the popularity of "diversity" and liberalism, homosexuality is becoming something which is being accepted, celebrated and promoted in our nation, as well as the world. Yet another movement is taking place - one ... More »

    Price: $30.00 USD

  • My Child I Love Is "Gay" - The Cry of A Parent's Broken Heart
    Product ID: 00000041

    (#AC-008-ID) Those individuals who suffer the most over a loved one's homosexuality and whose silent cry usually goes unheard, is that of the parents of homosexual men and women. At SBM, we truly have a heart for parents of ... More »

    Price: $12.50 USD

  • Testify Series: The Man of God - The Testimony of Former Homosexual Pastor DL Foster
    Product ID: 00000009

    Listen to the powerful testimony of former homosexual Pastor D.L. Foster - author, speaker and Executive Director of Witness Freedom Ministries. DL shares his transformation into a man of God, husband and father with Stephen ... More »

    Price: $12.50 USD

  • Testify Series: The Woman of God - The Testimony of Former Lesbian Susan Smith
    Product ID: 00000016

    The heart touching, powerful testimony of Susan Smith. Molested as a child by her own brother, Susan became a drunk and a lesbian. Listen as she shares her journey out of what seems to be a life with no hope - to a woman who ... More »

    Price: $12.50 USD

  • Testify Series: When A Married Spouse Struggles with Homosexuality - The Testimony of Alan and Angie
    Product ID: 00000006

    It is not uncommon to hear of a couple who has been happily married for many years, with children, and all of a sudden one of the spouses reveals "I'm gay." Countless married men and women alike not only struggle wi ... More »

    Price: $12.50 USD

  • TESTIFY! Volume 1 - 15 Stories of Deliverance from Homosexuality
    Product ID: 00000028

    One of the most powerful AUDIO testimony series EVER produced on the issue of homosexuality! Over 6-1/2 hours worth of God glorifying, heart-wrenching and encouraging testimonies you will never forget. Features 15 men and ... More »

    Price: $45.00 USD

  • The 10 Most Effective Ways to Reach the Homosexual for Christ
    Product ID: 00000031

    By far, one of SBM's most POWERFUL resources ever released. Written, recorded and produced by Stephen Bennett. This 2-1/2 hour AUDIO SERIES and 25 page Companion Study Guide will help educate anyone: a parent, spouse, fami ... More »

    Price: $25.00 USD

  • The 7 Myths About Homosexuality (Bennett/Nicodem)
    Product ID: 00000011

    (#AC-009-ID) A powerful 45 minute sermon preached in truth, love and compassion. Featuring Stephen Bennett and Pastor Jim Nicodem of Christ Community Church in St. Charles, IL. An extremely important resource for you, as well ... More »

    Price: $12.50 USD

  • The Medical Truths and Dangers of Homosexuality - Dr. John Diggs, MD/Stephen Bennett
    Product ID: 00000014

    (#AC-012-ID) One of the most IMPORTANT resources produced by SBM to date. As homosexuality is promoted, accepted and legislated in states across America - men, women, boys and girls are learning to accept homosexuality sim ... More »

    Price: $12.50 USD

  • The Tragedy of Same Sex Parenting (Beguerie & Bennett)
    Product ID: 00000046

    (#AC-010-ID) A special investigative report on "gay" parenting and homosexual adoption, featuring the story of Charles Mitchell. Charles and his brothers were adopted by a homosexual "pastor" and his m ... More »

    Price: $12.50 USD

    Product ID: 00000053

    Additional shipping fees for continental US and international shipping fees. ... More »

Teaching Series Tracts
  • TR-001 "I Was Gay" Tract - the Testimony of Stephen Bennett
    Product ID: 00000002

    "One of the most powerful tracts I have EVER seen on the issue of homosexuality" ~ Dr. D.James Kennedy. Nearly one million of these tracts are in print and have been distributed worldwide! Hundreds of thousands o ... More »

    Price: $25.00 USD

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