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December 2016 Posts


Stephen Bennett
Blog Entry

God's Amazing Grace: The Story of Antonio - Formerly "RiRi Nicole"

Thursday, December 22nd 2016 @ 8:59 AM    post viewed 734 times

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SBM Worldwide in 2016 – “The Year of the Transgender”

I must share with you a story that brought me to tears. Antonio, a young African-American boy who was born into poverty, shares how his father severely and brutally molested him from infancy until he was a teenager. As we frequently hear in a transgender’s story, Antonio eventually created an “alter ego” while the molestation was taking place. He came to believe that he must be a woman – and eventually became the funny, the beautiful, and the glamorous RiRi Nicole.

Over the next 17 years, Antonio would identify as and live life as a woman with real breasts (from taking hormones). RiRi Nicole became very popular in the club circuit and was loved and accepted by everyone - including his own family.

Then came the video that immediately went viral – and brought me to uncontrollable tears. RiRi had posted the video earlier this year on Facebook, telling people (paraphrased): “My name is Antonio. Now I know some of you may be saying, ‘You don’t look like no Antonio,’ but I am! I have been living a lie. Satan deceived me; however, Jesus Christ came into my life…I am not a woman, but a mighty man of God – and I invite you to come on my journey with me – becoming Antonio once again – and sending ALL of this you see here – BACK TO HELL WHERE IT CAME FROM.” 

Throughout this past year, I’ve had the privilege and honor of getting to know Antonio personally. We have talked at length and prayed numerous times by phone and online. I always try to encourage him in his walk with Christ, and I’ve learned so much about the transgender community because of him. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how big this transgender issue really is! It is absolutely heartbreaking how and why men and women come to the conclusion and confusion that they are trapped in the “wrong body” – and convince themselves into believing a lie! And all in the name of “tolerance,” President Obama and the government affirm this confusion – and push this “deception” on all of America – including our littlest, most innocent ones in the public schools! We need voices out there of former homosexual men like myself, as well as women, and voices of former transgender individuals like Antonio who have the gutsand the passion – to share their stories and tell the truth – so others may find Christ and a way out as well! No one has the power to communicate THE TRUTH like men and women who have been DELIVERED AND SET FREE from these lifestyles!   

Your prayers and financial support of SBM Worldwide at this time will allow the ministry to continue on into 2017 and beyond – proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through these SANCTIFIED men and women of God… that Jesus Christ is the ANSWER and HOPE for the LGBT community! Amen and amen!

*Please continue to follow this story. It is my plan to help my brother Antonio
get the surgery to remove his female breasts. We expect that is going to cost upwards of $15,000 -- and my plan to is to fly down and be with him before, during, and after the surgery -- and report to you daily how the Lord has been using YOU to help this mighty man of God continue to become the strong man of God he was created to be! Thank you for your prayers and support, and Lord bless you!

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