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Friday, October 22nd 2010 @ 1:45 PM    post viewed 12043 times

If you've been following the media throughout these past few weeks, you know it seems almost every story, news report and video had something to do with bullying, suicide and homosexuality.

The media honed in on the stories of several high-profile cases of teens and students who all committed suicide, reporting that these individuals took their own lives because they were bullied literally "to death" and were picked on, they say, for simply being "gay."

Bullying is ALWAYS wrong - it is NEVER right. Let me also say suicide is NEVER the answer for ANY problem either.

Many people I have talked with over the last few weeks are very upset with the media by their irresponsible and agenda-driven reporting. They say the media are using these very tragic and sad stories for one reason and one reason only: to continue the forced acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle upon all of America.

Some news reports and their guests even took these stories to an entirely different level - blaming the deaths of these young individuals on Bible-believing Christians - calling Christians who don't accept homosexuality as "hateful," "homophobic" and "bigots."

Name calling is bullying as well in my book.

For the past several weeks, Anderson Cooper on CNN had a special segment almost nightly featuring stories on bullying and the need for more "acceptance" and "tolerance training" in America's schools from kindergarten through college regarding homosexuality.

Several homosexual activists once again took to the airwaves and claimed that Bible-believing Christians were guilty of having the blood of these young teens and students on their hands, because of their antiquated and misinterpreted beliefs from a "made up book of stories" called the Bible.

That's all it took to set me off. Godly anger is what I call it.

You see, I have been on both sides of the fence, if you will, on the bullying and "gay" issue - literally.

As a child and teen, I was bullied almost daily and picked on - including being physically attacked by other students on several occasions. Many days I cried and didn't want to go to school - afraid to tell my parents the reasons why. I endured the taunting almost daily and without question, it took its toll on me.

So I will be the first to say I know the reality, the trauma and the lasting effects of bullying. Yet I also know the life-changing reality and power of Jesus Christ.

The answer for me was NOT for people to "accept" me when I identified as a "gay." The answer was having a Christian who loved me enough to tell me the truth about my lifestyle, and love me through to "the other side." And that's exactly what I needed to change my life. Today, I am no longer "gay" - but a heterosexual man, very happily married almost 18 years to my wife and the father of our two children.

I speak at schools and churches around the nation and stand up for those students - ALL STUDENTS -homosexual or not - who are being bullied. I care greatly for them, as NO ONE should be bullied.

Bullies need to be stopped. When one looks deep enough, you will find bullies are the ones with the real, deep-seeded problems and need serious help. And if you look even a little bit deeper, it looks like many homosexual activists today who were once bullied in their youth, have now become that which they hated -- bullies themselves. They are bullying you and me -- and those who DON'T believe like them or accept homosexual sin. 

I take great offense to the media, homosexual activists and their sympathizers who are trying to capitalize on the tragic deaths of these students to once again PUSH for the acceptance of homosexuality -- SIN -- upon all of America.

Let me be very clear on something: getting America to "accept" homosexuality will not prevent bullying or suicides. The answer to solving the bullying problem, suicide problem and homosexual problem is JESUS CHRIST. People need the Lord! America needs the Lord! Jesus is the answer for those being bullied - and He's the answer for the bullies as well -- including today's homosexual activist bullies!

Until people wake up to the fact that we all need the Lord in our lives, sin and unrighteousness will abound and without God, living life becomes a living hell.

I would love to hear what you have to say. Simply click the ADD COMMENT area below to share your thoughts now.

In other ministry news, SBM continues to reach out to homosexuals daily and we are truly seeing a harvest of men and women crying out for help like never before! Please keep the ministry of SBM and the staff in your prayers. Your financial support is so crucial at this time as we struggle to make ends meet on a weekly basis. Your gift today in any amount would be so greatly appreciated. To give now safely and securely, click here or call SBM Nationwide Toll-Free at 1-800-832-3623.

Let's help put an end to bullying by telling people about Jesus Christ - Jesus is the answer! Remember, share Jesus Christ today with at least one individual - it can make an eternal difference!


Bob R.
a guest said on Friday, October 22nd 2010 @ 3:41 PM:

as a child I was NOT bullied by other students, I was bullied by homosexuals. The main thing
a homosexual should remember is to stop pointing a finger at the Christian to take the blame
but rather pay attention to the three fingers pointing back at them. It is and always will be a
foolish thing to blame others for ones own ignorance. They do not want to take the blame of their
wrong doing, nor the pain and disgrace they cause other innocent people that have no idea of the
of what the homosexual is dong to them. Normal,??? I think not. robbing one of dignity and to
cause so much shame is far from normal. the pain and disgrace will one day come back to haunt
anyone who does such things to another whether a homosexual or one who abuses the opposit sex.

Innocent young people who are abused one way or another suffer a life of disgrace and uncertainty
most always blame themselves and not the person who was so selfish and reckless about human
life. A day of regconning will come and I thank Jesus for coming to my rescue. Wanting to end the
shame and pain is part of this damage. One can not blame the thought of suicide, only the act of
completing it. The blood of a soul that ends ones life is on the hands of the homosexual.

I admire you Stephan for taking on such a responsibility. By the way, my heart sings with you as
you share your voice in PRAISE. Both in music and in your teaching. God Bless you and your family....

a guest said on Friday, October 22nd 2010 @ 7:01 PM:

Stephen, I just so appreciate you standing so biblically. I pray almost daily for this issue of homosexuality. I know it is the devils lie, just like all the other lies he gets people to believe in. People think it is the economy that we are having trouble with and it's really the moral cess pool that our country is sinking deeper and deeper into. We need to realize that our troubles are a direct result of we as a nation turning our backs on and rebelling against God's revealed word in the bible. But I always encourage myself in the Lord. I KNOW that God is in control and He is letting people make their choices.--tobelieve a lie or to believe the truth.

Judith Sporrong
a guest said on Friday, October 22nd 2010 @ 8:02 PM:

I fear we are losing the battle with this gigantic, powerful gay lobby. My counselor told me this morning that a few short years ago, 75% of the people thought homosexuality was wrong. Today that number is only 45%. I watched a little of Larry King's segment on bullying, and I felt it was very biased. Only homosexual movie stars were on there, making a case that just gay kids are being bullied, and commiting suicide. I think that any kid can be bullied for any reason, but no, they have to make it seem like it is only homosexuals that are being bullied. I witnessed my grand nephew being bullied because he is autistic, and therefore a target because he is a little different. How do they get away with this?
Bullying happens, and it is not just to so-called homosexual kids.
Churches do not dare step on the toes of the LBGTQ. I know my church leaders walk on eggs, and heaven forbid if a leader of our church should say in public that homosexuality is a sin. (which recently happened).
Anderson Cooper, I have heard, is homosexual himself. So naturally he would be biased. Why can't they just say that bullying is a problem that needs to be dealt with, but it doesn't just happen to so-called homosexual kids. There are plenty of kids that are different in other ways. They may not be as handsome or as pretty, smaller or bigger, they may act funny, they may be autistic, do not conform, or there may be a host of other reasons. Patrick Swayze was picked on and bullied as a kid because he liked to dance. I read his autobiography. He most certainly was not gay.
Boy, this makes me so mad. How can we ever hope to come against the humongous lie that each kid who is bullied or each kid who commits suicide is undoubtedly gay. Please come, o King of Kings, we've waited long for Thee.

a guest said on Saturday, October 23rd 2010 @ 9:07 AM:

Being gay is not a choice. I never "chose" to be straight. If you are acting as a straight man bc you feel God will strike you down for loving fully and honestly, that is your choice.. Apparantly, the stigma is so bad and bullying so horrible, you have felt the need to deny your true self. That alone says it all. I hope you can find you happiness in love and honesty. When you do harsh words against a person's PRIVATE PERSONAL choice will not be spoken and people can live in love. No bullying. Only acceptance. I do not believe you can change your sexuality. You are a perfect example of how the Christian religion has twisted the bible and demonize a person's true essence. I will pray for you and your family.

a guest said on Saturday, October 23rd 2010 @ 7:30 PM:

It is encouraging to read about ministries like SBM who battling on the front lines of the culture war that is going on - for the side of truth.

a guest said on Saturday, October 23rd 2010 @ 7:40 PM:

Wow, Stephen. You really hit the nail on the head! You said it so well! It's so like the enemy to twist and distort truth. Of course many kids get bullied - I had special needs kids and they got bullied by total strangers who had no idea about them, yet said mean things. So for the media to jump that big leap & say that when a kid is bullied or commits suicide it's b/c they're gay, it's simply not true and makes an enormous assumption. But it's clear that they have an axe to grind and a very present (dangerous) agenda for our society. I'm hoping the Christians wake up and truly "humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways," and pray for revival so we can see REAL HOPE AND CHANGE in this nation.

Shirl Liebig
a guest said on Wednesday, November 17th 2010 @ 9:38 PM:

God Bless you as you work to clear the air.
I agree with you completely.. It has to get so Bad and it has... before people will hold their heads high
and speak up and protest the bullying .. I am sick and tired of people trying to convince me homosexual acts are normal.. If you believe in J.C. the light will open your eyes.. if you alone allow it.
Keep up the good work

a guest said on Friday, November 26th 2010 @ 3:37 AM:

Quote from guest on Saturday, October 23rd 2010 @ 9:07 AM

Being gay is not a choice. I never "chose" to be straight. If you are acting as a straight man bc you feel God will strike you down for loving fully and honestly, that is your choice.. Apparantly, the stigma is so bad and bullying so horrible, you have felt the need to deny your true self. That alone says it all. I hope you can find you happiness in love and honesty. When you do harsh words against a person's PRIVATE PERSONAL choice will not be spoken and people can live in love. No bullying. Only acceptance. I do not believe you can change your sexuality. You are a perfect example of how the Christian religion has twisted the bible and demonize a person's true essence. I will pray for you and your family.

We are brainwashed to believe what our 'true essence' is. that it is stagnant and unchangable. The human body and brain are HIGHLY adaptable and capable and constantly changing. Noone is STUCK in any lifestyle and every lifestyle is a choice. Some make their choice on what is physically satisfying at that time (also brainwashed to believe physical satisfaction is a constant instead of an ever changing variable that evolves with experience and communication). Some make their choice on what is popular. Some make their choice on what is expected. Making your choice in what GODS word instructs is not denying yourself at all, its only refusing to limit yourself by what MAN tries to force you to define yourself as. We are all capable of being sexually and psychologically fulfilled by any gender, it is our head that tells us otherwise. And in the end it is our choice of where we will draw our limits.

a guest said on Friday, December 3rd 2010 @ 12:26 PM:

A group of adults throwing inflammatory insults at another group of adults is totally different from the school bullying that's getting so much attention. These kids --who are are straight as often as they are gay-- are being singled out for torment by their peers. Christians are NOT to blame for these deaths, however something must be done other than wishing for bullying to disappear.

Rev. Jon Nessle
a guest said on Monday, May 25th 2015 @ 9:26 AM:

I was severely bullied for a decade in Elementary and Jr. High School. I had no friends. When I entered college was a lonely, angry and bitter young man headed to become public enemy #1. I was actually ready to do "Breaking Bad." I was an Organic Chemistry major and just needed 1 more chemical to start synthesizing illegal drugs. But then I accidentally "crashed" a Bible fellowship, thinking it was a drug party and my life abruptly changed. After that I drove miles and miles almost every night to attend any Bible teaching I could. I got Young's Concordance and studied the Bible corroborating what I was taught by finding other verses on the topics with the Concordance. I became a Bible researcher, learned Greek, went to Bible College and became ordained.

I am living proof that Christ's teachings can change anyone. There is no sin or aberrant behavior that Jesus cannot cure. Since my hatred, rage and bitterness went so deep, I had to really study to find the keys which would cure my issues. When I read that Jesus said to love your enemies and pray for them that despitefully use you, I thought he was nuts! But since I had become an ordained minister, I knew that I would have to be able to explain what my boss stood for. I succeeded and have written books on the subject.

The GLTB community has employed a very sophisticated Public Relations Campaign to front their ideas. They say that once a person is gay, they will always be gay. They even are trying to get laws passed that criminalize efforts to cure homosexuals. It seems odd to me that there is an entire branch of healthcare which is based upon the premise that they can treat and cure mental problems, but of all the maladies that beset man, homosexuality is the one thing that is incurable. That sounds more like politics than medicine!

However, Christians have lessons to learn too. If we hate anyone, we cannot help them. We oppose the sin but should love the sinner. The sophisticated LGBT Public Relations have designed preemptive strikes against our arguments, like the Straw Man argument of Homophobia. I am not afraid of any sin. I am not motivated by fear, for that produces counterfeit results. Only love can overcome this.

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