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Stephen Bennett

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One of the nation's leading voices among men and women who have made the choice to change—individuals who once identified as gay—and now identify as heterosexual.

Stephen is a man who does NOT BELIEVE homosexuality is a CHOICE—while, at the same time, he does NOT BELIEVE people are BORN GAY. Stephen believes without question that homosexual men and women CAN CHOOSE to no longer live as homosexual.

Stephen Bennett brings a bold, yet compassionate perspective on one of the most heated topics in America today: homosexuality. While this issue polarizes both sides, Stephen addresses this controversial subject with care, compassion, respect, and grace toward all.

As one who once lived as a gay man until he was 28 years old, Stephen is now happily married to his wife, Irene, of 22 years.  They are the proud parents of two children. He is a conservative, evangelical Christian with a unique perspective on the issue of homosexuality.

Stephen, 52, is the founder and Executive Director of Stephen Bennett Ministries (SBM) and (TPG)—a wordlwide organization which supports the rights of homosexual men and women who choose to change. He is an outspoken, passionate, motivational, and evangelical speaker with a resolve to educate America—specifically the church—about the truths and myths of an extremely important topic: homosexuality.

Stephen is a nationally-sought-after speaker in the secular and Christian media outlets with an "insider's perspective" on the issue of homosexuality and how it is being addressed by society today.

Stephen's viewpoint is unique, as he has been on "both sides of the fence" and understands the issue from both perspectives.

Stephen Bennett appears frequently in media as a regular guest on many television and radio broadcasts nationwide, including: CBS Television, Fox News Channel, Fox News Live, The O'Reilly Factor, CNN’s 360o with Anderson Cooper, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Paula Zahn, Showbiz Tonight, CNN’s Headline News, The Today Show with Matt Lauer and  Katie Couric, Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, The 700 Club, PAX Television Network’s “Faith Under Fire” with Lee Strobel, Billy Graham's Decision Today, Concerned Women for America, TBN, CBN, Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera at Large and Mike Gallagher.  Stephen has also been featured in many national publications, including USA Today, The Washington Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, CNN News, Charisma Magazine and the Associated Press.

Stephen writes freelance for many national publications, including and is currently penning his first book, his autobiography, titled Everything Must Change.

Stephen passionately presents the conservative viewpoint on the issues of homosexuality and transgenderism. He takes into consideration his target audience (secular or Christian) and addresses them appropriately. He is able to debate effectively in any venue. His message is extremely powerful, sometimes controversial, and uncompromising—yet always one of hope…addressed respectfully. 

Stephen is available for counterpoint and commentary on any stories relating to the homosexual issue (directly or indirectly)…and he is not afraid of confrontation or debate.  Stephen's perspective is unique in that he has been known to ruffle feathers on both sides of the fence—and according to Bennett, “This is good, as it makes everybody really think through the issues at hand." 

Stephen Bennett’s office is located in Huntington, Connecticut, only 1-1/2 hours from New York City and 2-1/2 hours outside of Boston.

Issues Covered:  Bullying, Same-Sex Marriage "Equality," Homosexuality and Youth, Gay Advocacy Organizations (GLSEN, PFLAG, GLAAD, NGLTF, Human Rights Campaign) · Civil Unions · Homosexuality and the Media (movies, television, actors, commercials, advertising) · Homosexuality and the Bible (faith-based perspective) · The Church and Homosexuality (Gay Theology Movement and Biblical Doctrine) · Homosexuality and Hollywood · Gay Parenting (Foster Parenting and Adoptions) · Homosexuality and Politics

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